Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pink or Blue Pink or Blue Pink or Blue....?


We went to visit with our Dr. on Tuesday (Dr. Sanders who we love!)  First the took us into a room showed us our progress, told me the difference in my belly size, :D and then we heard the heart beat. Our lil one was thumping away at 156 beats a minute. Then they sent us back out into the waiting room, to wait for the ultrasound. When they FINALLY took us back again, (along with my sappy twin sister, Mary) they warned us, we might not be able to tell the sex yet. BUT THEY DID!!! 
We're having a boy. I grabbed John by the face and kissed him, while Mary was sitting in the chair in the far corner of the room, crying looking up at that huge screen displaying our baby! oh my gosh is was so excited. Then she flipped on the 3D image. now that was the bee's knees. haha we are so super excited. 
We really like the name Judah Matthew Young. You can call him Jude. :D

If you look close enough in this picture, you can see his lil arm stretching up toward his eyes, and his legs curled up under him. (This is the 3D picture).

This is where the picture they took showing us we have a boy, it's a little blurred, I apologize. but you can see it for the most part.

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