Sunday, August 14, 2011

The excitement keeps building

After taking part in our good friends wedding (Mr. and Mrs. Hodges), we started getting even more excited about the wedding of our own. With Lydia as our minister we are so thrilled to be that much closer to having everything we need. We have two places to way the options of for location, but we haven't yet decided. ALTHOUGH we have decided on a date. September 30th.

We also have a lot of excitement about the coming up week. :D On Tuesday we have an untrasound appointment to see if we can tell the gender of our baby!! we can't wait. Hopefully he or she wants the world to see who they are on Tuesday. We looked at the Chinese zodiac calender (which claims to be 90% accurate) and it said Boy. so we'll but the calender to the test. We will come back with more details and hopefully some pictures as soon as we know. :D


  1. When were you planning on informing the minister of time and place?!?! LOL

  2. When we have the location. i can't seem to find any where. I'm going to look at Lori's back yard within the next couple days. how about your yard. lol