Thursday, December 8, 2011

kind of a review for me.

It was been a while since we have posted any blogs, but I guess its better late, than never. Things have definately changed in the last 2ish months.
October 17th is the day we promised ourselves to eachother for always, and I became Young forever.
Our Due date for baby Judah Matthew is coming up so quickly. We plan on having his baby shower sometime in January. We are so excited to see what the little guy looks like (I hope he has his daddy's smile). Tomorrow (December 9th) we will be 32 weeks along. Our baby boy is getting so big. On Tuesday the 12th, we have a doctors appointment for the second big untrasound and prenatal check up. From what I have gathered, we will be able to see how much he weighs and exactly how long he is by the length of his lil bones. I am so excited to see him!!!
From November 28th untill December 9th, I am stuck in Las Vegas taking a two week StageCraft course so that when I do go back to work, I can get more calls. I have learned a few things, but a lot of the things we've done I've seen done a couple dozen times, or have done it multiple times myself. I am learning about Cables, the names and their uses. It's crazy realizing how many cable are out there that do so many different things. I have been trained to be able to identify over 200 pieces of equipment suck as electrics, Audio, and AV(audio visual), and also gear for rigging. In the Carpenter part of the class was a 2 day training process. They sent us to the scenic shop. IT WAS FREEZING. In the shop they had us set up a couple kinds of screen (fast fold, truss screen, and then another with a screen surround). we pipe and draped, and were told how to dress the drapes. we also built a couple stages. On of the stages had a 4x4 piece missing, so they showed us how to make what we call a "plug-in". I ended up taking the plug-in to use as a table for projects. ALSO there was a two day course about CPR, First-aid, and blood born pathogens. I'm certified by OSHA is all 3. :D
So,.. Pretty much I used this blog as a review of what I've learned in this course. I guess it kind of helps to be able to explain a couple of those things.
The ground rigging class is another 2 week course (I can't take the course untill after Judah is born, cause we are to close to our due date). BUT the differance in the ground rigging course and the stagecraft course is that I can test out of the ground rigger course if I'd like to. So I picked up the Field Manual for Ground Rigging from the Training Truss. Getting a ground rigger card into the system will get me another pay raise, and a lot more work. :D I'm excited to see where this takes me, but I'm even more excited to see my husband tomorrow evening. I've missed him so much.

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